Under The Hood: 3 Things To Watch Out For

  • Under The Hood: 3 Things To Watch Out For

Buying a vehicle at car auctions is an attractive prospect.  If you shop right and do your due diligence you can come away with a pretty good deal.  But as with anything else purchase related, you can also get stung and be out of pocket for some good money if you go about it wrong.  Knowing how to weed out the good from the bad will go a long way in ensuring that you get a good buy for the money at car auctions.

There are some important things to look out for when purchasing a used vehicle at car auctions.  We will provide you with a brief overview on what some of them are.

First, no matter how attractive the car may be and what a great deal it is, you still need to inspect every inch of it.  Make sure you have access to what is under the hood.  You want to see (to the extent you’re allowed) if there are any telltale warning signs like flood or water damage.  Also if there is anything cracked or that looks like it has excessive wear.  Look at the interior of the car as well.  You don’t want to wind up paying a small fortune to re-upholster.

Second, don’t wind up offering or ultimately paying more than you are comfortable with.  It is quite easy to get so caught up in the bidding process that the initial satisfaction you may feel should you win is then wiped out by discovering that you actually paid more than the car was worth.  Don’t think for one second these things don’t happen.

Third, make sure you know as much about the history of vehicles you are interested in before you even begin to bid on them.  Often, some auction places will allow you to look at the vehicles extensively before the car auction takes place.  This way you are able to get any identifying numbers about the vehicle and perhaps run a check on them to see if they have had prior damage or insurance claims filed.

Lastly, and this is very important.  If you yourself are not well-versed in mechanical issues, take someone with you who is.  Some car auctions allow this and some don’t.  Make sure you know beforehand.  A well-trained mechanic can easily spot things that the average untrained eye cannot.  And that can make all the difference when bidding at car auctions.

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