Getting Ready To Sell: 5 Tips For Getting The Best Price For Your Car

When preparing to sell your vehicle at car auctions you can be assured of one thing.  People will be showing up to see it.  Now as far as selling it, well…there’s no guarantee of that.  However, you can greatly increase the chances of a successful sale and hopefully get a good price by doing a few common sense things when getting the vehicle ready.  Some of these tips may seem like no-brainers but nonetheless they have to be said.

(1) Have it professionally detailed.  We’re not talking about running it through your neighborhood car wash.  But go the extra mile and have it done by professionals who will have it looking sparkly and in tip top shape.  Not only does this increase the chances it will see but may also get more money in the process.

(2) Take care of any nicks, scratches, dings or dents.  Failing to do this will not only decrease your chance of selling it, but even if you do you’ll be getting a lot less than you wanted.  Car auctions are going to have plenty of vehicles and the majority are going to be looking pretty good.  Find an affordable body shop that will get rid of any blemishes.

(3) Make sure the tires look like they still have plenty of life.  Lots of folks don’t take this area into consideration.  But people don’t want to be buying or bidding at car auctions on something with tires that look like they can go flat at any given moment or won’t fare well in rain.  Put yourself in their shoes for a minute.  Would you buy a vehicle which had really bad tires?

(4) Have the car checked by a professional mechanic before taking it to the car auction.  If there are issues found then have them fixed.  Of course if the problem is too big and expensive to repair you may want to re-consider selling it.  Anyhow, have any issues resolved and if you don’t but still decide to go ahead and sell it then be honest and forthcoming with any prospective bidders/buyers as to the car’s condition.

(5) Be on the up and up with everyone who looks at and asks about the vehicle.  Don’t keep anything hidden and never lie to people when they ask you something about the car.  All this is going to do is create ill will down the line if they buy it and something comes up that you knew of and didn’t disclose.  Plus word spreads.  If you are labeled as a less than honest person you’re going to have trouble trying to sell any other cars down the line.

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