FAQ’s for Buyers

Where do the vehicles come from at Car Auctions Perth

Our vehicles not only come from the State Government and Local councils but Financiers, Automotive manufacturers, , Fleet Lease and Rental companies as well as Major corporations Insurance companies and private consignors. Cars from liquidators & administrators (of companies and businesses that have suffered financially)

Guaranteed Title in Cars Sold at Auction

The biggest advantage of car auctions, aside from paying less of course, is that title of the cars is guaranteed. That’s to say, a car isn’t offered for sale at an auction unless the owner can confirm ownership. When you are buying privately, this is difficult and sometimes costly to prove. Let’s face it, the last thing you need when looking to buy a car is the police knocking on your door for purchasing stolen goods.

Why should I buy from auction?

The excitement and mood of a live auction is a great experience. You can view and inspect a vehicle in a comfortable buying environment without being hassled by an automobile salesman. Most of the vehicles are registered and come complete with guaranteed titles. It is simple, safe, fun and best of all saves you money. Once you have paid for your purchase, you can then take it home with you on the same day.

What do I need to bring to the auction?

Before you can register at an auction, you’ll need to provide an up to date Australian drivers licence and a written authority if you are buying for another party. A form of payment, either in the form of (cash, bank cheque, eftpos or credit card) will secure a successful bid. The balance is due the following day, again by cash, bank cheque or credit card.

How do I register to bid?

In order to bid at an auction, you must register with them. This can be done in two ways, either online via the auction details page or in person at one of the facilities by signing a Buyers Identification Form. This states that you have read and understand the terms and conditions that are involved with buying a car or vehicle at an auction. A form of identification is necessary when you register. If you intend on purchasing in the name of a company or a business, you must register with that name. Invoice names may not be altered once you have registered.

How will I know if the damaged car I purchase is repairable?
You will be told if the vehicle is a Repairable write-off or a Statutory Write-off

What is classed as a Repairable write-off?
A Repairable write-off is a vehicle which has been damaged but can be repaired and re-licensed.

What is classed as a statutory write-off?
A Statutory write-off is a vehicle which cannot be repaired or re-licensed.

Who can fix my damaged vehicle?
Any person who is a licensed panel beater can repair a damaged vehicle.

Does my vehicle have to be inspected ahead of taking it to Department of Transport for a pit inspection?
If you repair the vehicle it will need to go to an Approved Provider for inspection before going over the pits.

Do you accept all kinds of payment?
We accept, cash, direct debit, bank cheque and credit card. Every credit card transaction incurs a 1% surcharge.

Can I drive an unlicensed road-worthy vehicle home?
You can drive an unlicensed roadworthy vehicle home by applying for a moving permit with Department of Transport. A small fee is applicable.

Note: If it is your intention to restore and re-register a damaged vehicle for road use, it is up to you personally to check with the Registering Authority that the vehicle can be re-registered before commencing the work.

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